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Wells Fargo Championship crowd
The Wells Fargo Championship brought in crowds from all over the world and helped bring attention and popularity to Wilmington. (Photo: Basil John/WWAY)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — One thing is for certain: for those who didn’t know anything about Wilmington, they do now.

The tournament gave the Port City its fifteen minutes of fame.

The Wells Fargo Championship was a large stepping stone and the overwhelmingly positive response could indicate a prosperous future.

Scott Satterfield, Wilmington Business Development CEO, says the championship helped put Wilmington on the map and showcased what it could offer.

“Over a billion people got to see that. It certainly showed a great light on our area and I think it will definitely impact the community long term in many ways and I think that’s great,” Satterfield said.

He is not alone.

Mayor Bill Saffo also says this tournament was a once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase Wilmington.

“I mean the accolades that we’re receiving from all over the country was unbelievable. I was getting calls from California, from Pennsylvania, from Ohio. People that have visited this community that I know personally said they couldn’t believe this was happening in North Carolina,” Saffo said.

The mayor says people are now more aware of what Wilmington has to offer.

“The live shots they were showing of Downtown Wilmington, the riverfront, our river walk, the beaches. It was just a great thing for our community and exposed Wilmington to a national audience and an international audience, that may have not been aware of this great city, but they are now,” Saffo said.

Both Mayor Saffo and Satterfield say this was like the Super Bowl for Wilmington and expect this will bring much more business and tourism to the Port City.


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  • WinstonC

    Wilmington was on the map a long time ago. Wells Fargo is a criminal enterprise, evidenced by the fraudulent and horrendous abuses they have heaped on their customers and the public. How anyone regards Wells Fargo as anything but a shining example of many of the things that are wrong with this country and world escapes me completely. So far as the local press is concerned, with their constant sucking up to this gang of thieves, you should be ashamed.

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