Local artist makes hand blown glass sea turtles


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Over the coming months, sea turtles will come to nest along our coast. It’s also the time Jim Downey is busy creating glass sea turtles that¬†which too helps our seasonal visitors.

Downey has been creating blown glass art for the majority of his life but it wasn’t until he got to Wilmington that he started making these unique pieces.

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While he makes other items like Christmas ornaments, sea turtles make up a large portion of his sales.

He has created more than 2,500 glass sea turtles by hand using all sorts of colors and sizes.

“When I’m making sea turtles, I could make them look like a real sea turtle but I would prefer to make them purple, yellow, red, green as varied as the imagination can be,” Downey said.

Each month he has a open house at his glass shop where a portion of sales goes to a sea turtle organization. On May 20, it will go toward the Wrightsville Beach Sea Turtle Project.