Humpday Health: Getting your chest set for summer


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — This week on Humpday Health we get your chest ready for the summer season.

When you work out, there are certain areas that opposite genders tend to avoid. That is the case when you think about working your chest.

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“Obviously a masculine thing would be to build up the pectoral muscles,” Trainer Kasey Brown said. “But in all you want to have a balanced physique top to bottom. You want to have development in all the muscle groups, and the pecks are an important one.”

There are a few things to consider when you work out your chest: always control your breathing, as well as control your movements.

“You always want to avoid moving fast through the repetitions,” Brown said. “You don’t want to do these really fast movements because you’re not really contracting the muscle the way it’s supposed to be contracted so you’re not getting the workout the way you should be.”

If you choose to workout at the gym, you can do the bench press, fly’s and the peck-deck machine. But if you want to workout your chest anywhere, there’s always the push-up.

“Something that you always do that everyone has is the ability to do push-ups,” Brown said. “You can do that in your living room, you can do that outside or anywhere. You can change up the angle by bringing your hands together and slowly spreading them out as you go through the workout.”

Chest, like other exercises, can be worked out once a week with the normal 8 to 10 reps in three sets.