Teacher of the Week: Megan Starnes


NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Megan Starnes got the call to teach a third grade class at Parsley Elementary School two days before school began.

“Its been a rush for the good portion of the year,” she says, “the kids made everything easy.”

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In her first year teaching, Mrs. Starnes has gotten to know her students so much that they are like her own children.  In fact, “I think of them as my own,” she says, “their parents know that as well.”

During the day she treats them like she would want her own children treated and to have fun and enjoy the day.  “I try to make it fun for them so it’s a different form of learning,” Starnes adds. ”  I would want my kids to enjoy it so I just try to think what my kids would want to do.”

Going forward she says there are things she will build on next year and is glad her first class let her try out some things.

As the year comes to an end she is wistful, but excited for her students next step.  She says she wants the to remember that “life is short and to enjoy it so that every day has something to enjoy; something to look forward to.”