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Homeless man rides for veterans and their pets. (Photo: Kirsten Gutierrez/WWAY)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)– One homeless veteran is making a difference one pedal at a time. Harold Palmquist and his sidekick Daisy are biking across the country to raise awareness for the organization, Veterans and Their Pets.

It is a non-profit that provides temporary housing, veterinary care and food for animals of veterans in need.

Veterans like Palmquist, who needed help getting back on his feet.  And rather than staying in a homeless shelter he decided to do something much bigger than himself.

Palmquist is making it his mission to help the organization that helped him, one city at a time.

“Why not make better use of my time? I’m homeless and that’s not a sin. You know. I’m able to go out and raise some money for somebody who helped me,” Palmquist said.

This is the second tour Palmquist is making, the first was on the west coast where he biked through 17 states.

Palmquist is now heading North, he hopes to hit as many states as he can. His overall goal is to raise$20,000 for Veterans and Their Pets.


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