Fort Anderson partners with ECU to dig up history


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY)–  East Carolina University is partnering with Brunswick Town and Fort Anderson to dig up as much history as they can.

It’s only been two days since the group from ECU has started digging and they are already finding artifacts.

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ECU Professor Dr. Charles Ewen said, “we are finding pottery from the early eighteenth century, some glass, some nails and things that you would find from where a house had been.”

Dr. Ewen is leading the investigation and the students are uncovering more and more about the history of Brunswick town.

“They are on an important person’s property,” said Dr. Ewen, “Edward Mosely is  one of the early surveyors and important guy here in Brunswick town.”

Students said that it is interesting to figure out what exactly the artifacts used to be.

“It was pretty neat, it was like oh so I’m not just digging in dirt, said Dalisha Jacobs. “It’s like oh snap something really is here, there really is something going on, there really is something substantial lets pull it out and analyze it.”

Jacobs also said by unearthing the past she wants to be a part of history.

They are still early in the process, but Dr. Ewen is confident they are not far from what they are searching for.


Click here for more information on about the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources.