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Medicine Man Technologies presentation
Representatives of Medicine Man Technologies presented to a crowd of more than a dozen people on their marijuana business on May 25, 2017. (Photo: Basil John/WWAY)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Colorado was one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana.

One company from that state partnered with tekMountain to present it in the Cape Fear.

TekMountain is a company that helps create businesses and hosted the event because they see an importance in the conversation.

“This wave, this social change that has to do with cannabis has affected most of the country. It’s not part of North Carolina’s law right now and it may not be for a long time. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t explore its affects on us in our community,” Brett Martin, tekMountain CEO, said.

The presenter, Medicine Man Technologies, is a cannabis consulting business based in Colorado.

They offer licensing opportunities and consult people on the medical marijuana and recreational business.

“We’re crafting good policy in Colorado and this is just an event to kind of present opportunities and an overview of what’s happening in the marketplace,” Carrie Roberts, a Medicine Man Technologies senior consultant, said.

Thursday night, they answered questions, discussed the current political climate and discussed where Medicine Man sees North Carolina standing.

“We’ve got 31 states now that have some kind of medical marijuana laws on the books and laws are advancing quickly. Not as fast in the South, but there was a house bill that was introduced in February, House Bill 185. So there’s potential opportunity for medical cannabis to come here to North Carolina,” Roberts said.

TekMountain knows that marijuana is illegal in North Carolina but believes it is important for entrepreneurs and the business community to discuss this developing yet controversial topic.

Marijuana has been legalized for medical use in approximately 28 states and has been up for debate in North Carolina for years.

But only time will tell if Medicine Man’s visit to the Cape Fear was worth it.


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  • mc Dowells

    Katie, Donald Trump has said numerous times in the past that he doesn’t mind medical marijuana (at all). You can expect some members underneath him, which are usually old farts, to be viciously against it. If there is anything these old republicans annoy me on the most, it is their reefer madness bs. I’d like to strap one of these old farts to a chair and make them take a bong hit for their sanity. Even getting high on Marijuana is supposed to be a funpeaceful thing that you do in your privacy. Just legalizing medical is not enough, people are going to jail for using marijuana, the law is just plain bs.

  • Heimie Schmelter

    Everybody should be “420 FRIENDLY” right?

    -Nuclear Power Reactor Operators
    -Nuclear industry workforce
    -Police Officers
    -ERT’s and EMT’s
    -Airline pilots
    -Private pilots
    -Ship and Yacht Captains
    -Teachers – They TEACH your CHILDREN! Nice one here, huh? Get off you @$$ parents!
    -Taxi drivers…sublime Drug Dealers.
    -UBER drivers
    -Public Transportation drivers
    -School bus drivers…for You’re CHILDREN
    -The bus drivers that take your parents to the store because you’re too damned high and lazy.
    -Bottom of the list: Your attorney, which needs you the most. Derrrrrr, uhh, hhuhh…

    Oh yeah, fine go for it. Blame Trump for this tiny indiscretion too…
    Medical use is wonderful. Mexico has a different initiative.

    • DavieGrohlton

      Just because something is legal does not mean that you have to consume it. I respect those professionals in those positions and know that they would not partake in doing anything like consuming cannabis or alcohol or prescription medications before performing their duties. Have some FN respect for those that spent a lot of time dedicating their lives to their professions. I can’t believe you are so ignorant to think that they’d all turn in to potheads if of cannabis became legal. Alcohol is legal and inhibits your abilities far more than cannabis, so you support those same people being alcoholics then? Pill heads? Ohh NO! Alcohol is legal so every pilot is going to be drunk now flying planes around every where!

  • Beanomac

    Thanks Katie for your opinion. And an additional thanks for reaffirming my support for the current President.

    But I do not share your opinion on trying to justify illicit drug use.

    When the Drug Enforcement Administration no longers considers marijuana a scheduled drug, because they are the authority having jurisdiction, then I will support their choice to no longer feel marijuana use is against the law.

    • DavieGrohlton

      And why would they be willing to do that? Keeping marijuana illegal generates the DEA billions of dollars in revenue to keep their failed business model afloat. If the DEA deiced to make marijuana legal, then they hurt over 50% of their current revenue stream. What exact good does the DEA actually do? Aren’t they responsible for preventing illegal drugs from being in America? Currently, illegal drugs are more available everywhere in America than ever before. The DEA has had no effect on lowering the amount of illegal drugs in America. So I ask you again, what is the point of the DEA? Is alcohol not stacked from floor to ceiling at every gas station, drug store, grocery store, or convenience store you enter in America? So it is not like the DEA is doing a good job at controlling the amount of alcohol being produced or consumed. Are prescriptions drugs being controlled in any way? They allow the drug companies to perform the studies on how safe a medication is! See all those class action law suits going on over bad medications? That is because the DEA failed to do their job, once again. My point is this, illegal drugs, legal drugs, and alcohol, which also is a drug, are available in America at all time high levels. You can almost go to ANY street corner in ANY town in America and located illegal drugs, legal drugs, and alcohol. WHAT IS THE POINT OF THE DEA AND THE FAILED WAR ON DRUGS?!?!?!? OVER ONE TRILLION TAX PAYER DOLLARS HAS BEEN WASTED ON THIS FAILED EFFORT! THE DEA HAS A ZERO % SUCCESS RATE! So why on God’s green earth would you consider those morons competent?

      • Fallen Ghosts

        Seems to me that the Drug Enforcement Agency is on par for their assignment. Drug awareness is up, criminals behind bars and the prevention efforts on going.

        All that said, who is at fault for you doing illicit drugs? You? Or the DEA?

  • Paul Dye

    Pig pharma and Burr will exhaust every resource to keep it illegal here

    • Heimie Schmelter

      According to federal law, it’s illegal EVERYWHERE in the US.

      • DavieGrohlton

        Because every law this Government passes is wonderful and has the citizens best interests at heart, eh? I believe the Federal Government passed a law making cannabis illegal a little before they rounded up all of the Japanese citizens in America and put them in concentration camps and violated all of their rights. I think that was also around the time this federal Government approved the testing of highly radiated bombs being dropped in the deserts of America and in various other locations. I think that was also around the time that this Federal Government knew about an attack on Pearl arbor before it happened but did nothing to prevent it from happening because they wanted it to happen to have an excuse to enter a war.

    • guest45

      what in the Heck does Burr have to do with it, the libs are the pot smokers.

      • Paul Dye

        Burr is #4 of all in Senate to receive huge campaign contributions from pig pharma. They are going to fight tooth and nail to keep it illegal here in North Carolina. Unless pig pharma can sell a synthetic toxic form it’ll be a struggle, but a struggle I’m up for. That’s what Burr has to do with it.

  • Beanomac

    That is all we need. A bunch of hopheads stoned out of their gourd driving cars, flying planes, skippering boats, etc in North Carolina.

    • Heimie Schmelter

      Fortunately, the industries and operators of such as you mention (and many, many others) would still perform “fitness for duty” testing. You can’t pee straight, you lose your job!

      • DavieGrohlton

        If it is MEDICAL marijuana, then is that not a prescription medication that you would be prescribed by a doctor? In no way different from any other prescription medication except the fact that big pharmaceutical companies would not own the patents to it and therefore would not be able to charge a premium for it like they do their patented medications. But it’d still be a prescription medication and you cannot fail a drug test for testing positive for something that a doctor prescribed you to take. There are some limitations though and I guess that’d be the “fitness for duty” that you speak of. Peeing “straight” would have nothing to do with it though… You’d be listing your prescribed medications and that would determine if you could do the job or not I imagine.

    • susan

      Ummmm that would be alcohol and prescription drugs. Most medicinal cannabis doesn’t get the patient high. And what if they do, how is it different than opioids? Opioids definitely get you high, as does alcohol. Medical cannabis has almost no side effects. Ever talk to anyone on serious meds? They have to take additional drugs to treat the side effects.

      • Beanomac

        Cool. Make sure your kids are the first to board whatever vehicle your hophead buddies are behind the wheel operating.

      • Hophead sounds more like an insult against a drunk. Sure cannabis is related to hops, but it isn’t hops. The real hopheads who drive after a few beers are the dangers over the straw men hopheads you’re worried about Mr. Bean.

      • Fallen Ghosts

        I stopped reading your comment at but,

      • DavieGrohlton

        If you would take the time to look up and read some,or all, of the studies done around the world and even in Colorado, then you might gain a better idea of the subject. Currently, you are just spewing out incoherent, ignorant fragments based off assumptions made by reefer madness decades ago. Just because it becomes legal, all of a sudden everyone is going to start consuming it and doing so while performing their jobs? I respect those pilots, drivers, and other professionals that uphold their duties to the greatest extent and would not do such a thing, but you just bashed them all and called them all “hopheads” if cannabis became legal. You should be more worried about prescription drug taking drivers, drunk drivers, and the lax DMV allowing people to drive simply after performing a 3 point turn and understanding what words are on 10 road signs. THAT is what is unsafe and scary.

    • guest45

      and what makes you think they would be stoned and operating these things? DOT, FAA, and the Coast Guard have very strict drug testing in places for these guys that make a living operating these things, personally I believe everyone in this country should be required to be drug tested and on a random drug testing program, including our senators, congressmen and all, especially Law Enforcement, but what do I know?

      • Beanomac

        Let me guess…you’re one of those anti-government types? There needs to be government and that government should be limited. Should be.

        However, courtesy of the bleeding heart liberal democrat machine, our today’s government is not.

        Government on all levels is not effective(at times) or efficient.

        But I have high hopes that president trump can turn that around.

    • Kathy Cook

      Yeah, that would be almost as bad as a bunch of drunks driving around killing people. Well, actually, no it wouldn’t be anywhere near as bad. Drunks are a pox on the face of the earth!

  • Dana Hall

    The “high” pun in the title really isn’t necessary.

    • susan

      I agree! Really tired of the Reefer Madness mentality. People need to grow up and educate themselves on this issue! Its not the seventies anymore. SCIENCE has discovered tremendous benefits of CBD cannabis for suffering patients. Who knows when you or your loved one may come to need it? People
      will reconsider then I bet

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