Pender County woman raises enough money to keep pets in the shade for summer


PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Nan Burns decided to take matters into her own hands after raising enough money to order carports, so animals would not suffer in the summer heat.

Burns said, “coming out here and seeing that the dogs would have to come out here in the sun and the only place they could find shade would be underneath the table here. It just really bothered me, so one day i decided and went down to Brunswick County and they had bought a carport for their area and I said we should be able to do the same thing for Pender County.”

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Burns raised $4,000 dollars through donations and fundraisers.

Burns also spent money out of her own pocket to pay for the permits for the carports.

The money was spent on two carports for the Pender County animal shelter.

One carport is already at the shelter and the second one should arrive in the next few weeks.

Burns said, “it is going to make a big difference because this is the only place that they can get out of the kennel, the small kennels that they are stuck in through the day.”

There are concerns for the animals at the shelter, other than just the heat.

Pender County animal shelter is a kill-shelter and with new animals coming in and out each week, Burns said,”don’t forget about them.”

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