Opinions split on new senior living community


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The New Hanover County Planning Board held public hearings tonight at the New Hanover County courthouse to get input from the community on a new senior living community.

The meeting was completely split.

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You had people on one side saying this would be a great addition to the area.

While others were concerned about an increase in traffic if the living community was established.

Lutheran Services Carolinas want to make the area near Masonboro Loop Road into a residential living area for the elderly.

“It will meet a need in the community for retired folks and it will also be done well because Lutheran Services Carolinas is experienced,” Francis Lamb said.

Some people say this is necessary for the area with the amount of retired citizens.

“They have a wonderful track record. They are associated of course with Trinity Grove, which I think is one of the best institutions that we have for the care of our seniors now,” Lamb said.

Some people believe it will cause a congestion of traffic in the area and the plans need to be controlled.

“We don’t think it’s a good idea to have commercial of any kind there. Because, it’s going to increase the number of people coming in and out of that property, including delivery trucks. It’s becoming a dangerous part of the road,” Ron Trotta said.

But many argue that complaining about traffic is redundant.

“In New Hanover County, we all know that there is a traffic issue and there will be a traffic issue regardless of who develops the situation or the land where we are now,” Lamb said.

In the end, many residents just hope everything will work out.

“Everybody has their own interests. We’re here to preserve our way of life and they’re trying to get a successful project together,” Trotta said.

The planning board will bring all the information they gathered from the meeting to New Hanover county’s commissioners.

They will make the final decision regarding the land.