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Mina Yakubu is starting the conversation about race relations in Wilmington.

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — One Wilmingtonian wants to start a conversation about race and history – and she’s only a senior in high school.

Mina Yakubu is set to graduate on Saturday from New Hanover High School. Before she leaves Wilmington for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, she’s spreading the word about race relations.

Yakubu says as part of a senior project, she created a documentary touching on the treatment of a group of African Americans during the 60s. Then, just a few weeks ago, she held a race relations forum to have an open discussion with people of all ages from various backgrounds.

She hopes that these discussions not only help teach others about the past, but also mend relationships so the community can move forward and grow together.

Earlier this year, Yakubu was selected as one of 17 US students to serve on the Student Advisory Board of the “Better Make Room” White House initiative.

If you’d like to get updates on her documentary or when her next open forum is, you can follow her on Twitter: @Yakubu_BMR


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  • Stumpsound

    I am almost 70 y/o,. I have heard race, race, race, all my life. Get a job instead of talking about race.

  • Beanomac

    I know how to fix the “race” problem…

    Make our teachers teach objectively instead of subjectively.

  • VoiceOfReason

    Noble effort. Dialogue today is too often “I talk & you talk” when we need more “I listen & you listen”. We may live in the same city, state, and country but we rarely look at our neighbors through their life perspective. I hope that this effort continues.

  • guest45

    I would like to know why every single day we are talking about “race’, the only people that continue to stir up “race” issues are not the white people, The NAACP and ACLU make huge amounts of money by constantly stirring up something that no longer exist in this country, what happened in the 60’s is now history and gone, it is not being repeated and most of us are getting tired of it constantly being brought up, we want to move on and get along and lead peaceful lives, which should be everybody’s goal.

    Mina you are a young lady with a good life ahead of you, don’t live in the past, there are good people around you, enjoy yourself. You cannot mend a sore if you constantly pick at the scab.

  • Eileen Palese

    Very proud of her! I remember the 60s and never thought we’d be here again.

    • Heimie Schmelter

      We aren’t “here again” by any means Eileen. There is nothing about our society that even resembles the racial tensions of the 60’s. Race relations are better than they’ve ever been with the exception of the BLM rioting, police assassinations and the NAACP stirring up mud at every opportunity! No it’s not all perfect and probably never will be, but some people just aren’t satisfied with progress and there is MILES upon miles of progress!

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