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Megan McClellan
Megan McClellan died on May 15, 2017, when a tractor trailer while she was riding her bike in Wilmington. (Photo: Facebook)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Wilmington Police Department has released the accident report of the crash involving a bicycle and a tanker truck.

On May 15, Megan McClellan, 20, was hit and killed while riding her bike on 17th Street.

Diagram of fatal bicycle crash (Photo: Wilmington Police Report)

According to the report,  Jamar Cunningham, who was driving a gas tanker for Eagle Transport, told police he had made a fuel delivery at the Scotchman Gas Station on the corner of S. 17th and Peel Streets and was on his way back to Selma to refuel to make another delivery.

According to the report, he told investigators he initially looked to the left, then to the right, knowing that the crosswalk was also for the cross-city bike trail, then back to the left. Cunningham said when there was a break in traffic he pulled forward. He said he was stopped at the stop sign for about 10 seconds before moving forward.

He said he felt and heard a bump but did not think anything of it and continued forward. Cunningham said he saw concerned looks on the faces of people in vehicles across from him and looked in his side view mirror and saw McClellan lying in the roadway next to the truck.

McClellan’s husband showed up and told investigators she was on her way to work at Zaxby’s, which is near the gas station.

Several witnesses called police and provided statements about what they saw.

One person told investigators Cunningham was stopped, but partially on the crosswalk. The witness said he saw McClellan begin to go around the front of the tanker. As she passed in front of it, the tanker began to move forward and hit her. The witness stated the front driver side tire ran over McClellan, but stopped before she could be run over by the back set of tires.

Four days after the crash, police issued warrants for Cunningham’s arrest for misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and an unsafe movement violation.

Harnett County Sheriff’s Deputies pulled Cunningham over on May 22 and arrested him.

Cunningham is scheduled to appear in New Hanover County court on June 14.


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  • Beanomac

    Perhaps the problem is the cross walk is used as part of a “bike trail.” Perhaps, we as a society, should realign our thinking and understand that physic’s will always triumph. For instance, a 20 ton over the road vehicle versus a 120 pound human being. Who is gonna win every time?

    I rest my case.

  • Heimie Schmelter

    Personally, I wouldn’t even think about crossing in front of an 80,000 lb. behemoth that was partially taking up the crosswalk on a bicycle or walking, whether I had the “right of way” or not. This was a terrible accident where everyone loses. My prayers go out to all of the family members for their loss and the truck driver too. He has a lot to live with!

  • guest45

    with the truck stopped on the crosswalk then trucker told the truth and should not be charged, he looked and then proceeded forward, the lady on the bicycle went in front of him, she would not be visible from his position at this point, very tragic for both the family and the driver.

    • Jessica Langley

      I agree and if you have ever crossed the road in this town even in the right away.. I make eye contact with the driver to make sure we see each other… it is tragic and I pray for both parties, but the truck driver SHOULD NOT be charged….

  • melissa

    There should be a light and crossing button at this location so bikers can safely cross. Bikers should also have a responsibility of making sure the road is clear before crossing regardless of there being a crosswalk. It appears that she just kept going without stopping or looking. It’s very hard for large trucks to stop once they start going.

  • Jessica Langley

    I honestly feel for the victims family, but the driver SHOULD NOT be charged… it was an accident and tragic, but don’t ruin his life by slapping a misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and now he will lose his job….if he had been doing something idiot like most on the road I’d be for it, but he was honestly distraught and will have to live with this the rest of his life…don’t further traumatize…

    • Juan David López

      This accident is a very good example of what misdemeanor death by motor vehicle would encompass. After all, he did break a traffic law by stopping partially on the crosswalk (as minor an infraction as it sounds) and in doing so impeded himself from seeing the cyclist as she crossed, running her over and causing her death. It sucks. Yes. But being the driver of such a large and heavy machine, such driver assumes immense responsibility.
      Think of how this accident could have been avoided. 1) The driver stops behind the crosswalk, having full view of it, and having in full sight people crossing it and waiting for all persons to cross completely, then proceeding safely. 2) The bicyclist could have chosen to wait until the large vehicle made its move across the intersection. Who assumes the burden of responsibility? The thing is, the girl has the right of way, being the crosswalk her space of transit and there being a stop sign to allow her to assume the vehicle must make a full stop behind it. Therefore the burden falls on the driver of the vehicle to use the necessary caution by following the traffic signals.
      He is not being charged with second degree murder, it’s the appropriate charge following the discovery that he did indeed cause death by making a traffic infraction.

      • Jessica Langley

        Be that as it may…. this “minor infraction” is gonna cause him to lose his job…He has to live with what happen the rest of his life.. I’m glad to see I am not the only one that thinks him being charged is wrong.. I hope he gets a good lawyer!

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