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RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – Legislation aimed at reducing opioid abuse and overdoses in North Carolina is being considered in the Senate.

The bill, which is expected to be voted on Thursday in the Senate Health Care committee, would improve the rules on prescribing and dispensing drugs like Oxycontin or morphine. It would also strengthen requirements for doctors and pharmacists on the use of a statewide controlled substance database.

The measure has already received unanimous bipartisan support from the House.

Doctors would also generally be limited to 5- and 7-day supplies when first prescribing the potent drugs for pain or after operations. A larger refill prescription would require a subsequent consultation with the doctor.

Bill sponsors say that the legislation is meant to address the opioid epidemic in the state and nationally.

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  • VoiceOfReason

    Good to see politicians finally taking action. Opioid abuse is THE gateway to heroin addiction (heroin is cheaper than “blackmarket” opioids. The reason for this action is the result of collusion between Big Pharma and doctors/pharmacists who have all had an opportunity to police themselves and address this issue but have not due to simple greed (Big Pharma gets more profitable for more opioids sold and the docs get paid – directly or indirectly – by Big Pharma). And don’t tell me that Big Pharma gets hurt by this and won’t be able to develop new drugs – sales & marketing budgets are 4 to 5 times bigger than R&D (which is also tax deductible).

  • guest45

    so now professional politicians are also skilled medical practicioners too, what a joke! The abuse has to stop but it should have been decided on by a panel of skilled Doctors and Pharmacists working on the solution, look how well our professional politicians have curbed illegal drugs flowing into this country, or illegals themselves, these people must stand in front of a mirror for hours every morning thumping themselves on the chest and patting themselves on the back, geesh!

    • Beanomac

      Actually, some Representatives and Senators are or were licensed doctors. They might have some knowledge on medicine.

      Personally, I think the opioid epidemic is a hoax and all the responsibility of the alleged “epidemic” needs to be put back on the person taking the medicine.

      • Heimie Schmelter

        Maybe 1% of government legislators have a medical background at best, the vast majority are uhhm…you know…lawyers…ughhhh. I can assure you that the opioid epidemic is by no means a “hoax” by any manner of the imagination! Being associated with several families of addicts, I’ve seen first hand, at least a glimpse of what’s going on and it’s NASTY! While there is a responsibility on behalf of the addict him/herself, they have absolutely NO control over themselves. That’s why they are addicts in the first place. We have illegal heroin being funneled in from Mexico by the TON. There are “doctors” out there writing prescriptions for addicts like they’re doling out jelly beans, all in the name of money. Add to this, our state has a pitifully substandard structure of mental health availability and treatment. You go to a state facility (if you can get in), for detox and all they do is pump you full of tranquilizers and turn you into a blithering, slobbering, foot-shuffling zombie. Then they push you into a corner and forget about you. This drug problem ruins entire families, empties bank accounts and takes the lives of loved ones every single minute! It’s one of the saddest and most unnecessary things I’ve ever witnessed. The problem is only growing and is yet one more reason to stop the flow of illegal aliens and their money grubbing drugs coming across the US border to poison our children, brothers, sisters, moms and dads!

      • guest45

        if they were any good at their profession they would still be practicing it.

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