Citizens concerned about water quality in Leland


LELAND, NC (WWAY) –GenX was found in CFPUA’s water supply and the public was informed they cannot filter it out.

A possible solution to filtering out GenX is reverse osmosis, which has had its own controversy in Leland. That is where H2GO requested to build a reverse osmosis water plant.

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Citizens wanted closure and the question on everyone’s mind is “can we drink the water?”

“From everything we gathered, this company is acting within the scope of its permit. They are not violating the permit that they from what we can ascertain today,” Commissioner Frank Williams said.

Leland town council spent a lot of time in their meeting discussing the water quality in the area. Williams was present for the meeting with Chemours and CFPUA and informed the public on what was disclosed.

“Another thing they pointed out is the unregulated portion of this process has apparently been happening since 1980. But they just discovered the actual compound when they started manufacturing it and that’s when it showed up in the tests,” Williams said.

But even though he believes it is okay to drink the water, many citizens were on the other side of the fence and believed in erring on the side of caution.

“This is something we all do. We all drink water, we all need water to wash our dishes and to wash our food and for our pets and for everything. And we deserve to have clean water,” Sandra Ford, a concerned citizen, said.

“If one person, your family or child or whatever, gets sick or gets some sort of cancer because of this, then that’s a reason to make sure that this stuff doesn’t go into the water,” John Crowder, a supporter of H2GO, said.

Brayton Willis believes that Chemours needs to show respect to the water because that is the absolute definition of sustainability.

“As a marine corp veteran who was stationed at camp Lejune during the water crisis there, I had been impacted by it. So, I know the value of clean water,” Willis said.

The Leland town council voted to delay construction of a reverse osmosis water treatment plant despite what has been happening. Town manager, David Hollis, says the town will be actively working to learn and deal with this issue.