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Drugs, liquor, beer, and cash found during a traffic stop in Bladen County (Photo: Bladen Co. Sheriff's Office)

BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Speeding led to serious charges for three teens from Virginia on Saturday.

A State Trooper pulled over an SUV going 76 in a 55 mph zone near Tar Heel, Sheriff James McVicker said in a news release.

The trooper called for assistance when he smelled marijuana. A Bladen County deputy responded and they fou

Cristhianna Ismael Ortez Flores (Photo: Bladen Co. Sheriff’s Office)

nd cocaine, marijuana, liquor, beer, and cash in the SUV.

Sheriff McVicker says the three teens had just graduated from high school Friday night in Manassas, Virginia and were on their way to Myrtle Beach to celebrate with other friends for a week at the beach. The men told officers that a group of 10 seniors had planned the trip for a year and pooled their money to buy alcohol and drugs. Officers seized 3.3 ounces of marijuana, 2.6 grams of cocaine, 18 liters of liquor, 50 liters of beer, drug paraphernalia, and $3,600.

Deputies arrested Michal Joan Berrios, 18, Lorenzo Dominic Cota, 18 and Cristhianna Ismael Ortez Flores, 18.

They are each charged with:

  • Underage Possession of a Malt Beverage

    Lorenzo Cota (Photo: Bladen Co. Sheriff’s Office)

  • Underage Possession of Fortified Wine and Liquor
  • Illegal Transport of Alcoholic Beverages
  • Bringing Alcoholic Beverages Into The State in excess of 4 gallons;
  • Transporting Non Tax Paid Alcoholic Beverages
  • Possession With Intent to Manufacture Sell and Deliver Marijuana and Cocaine
  • Felony Possession of Marijuana and Cocaine
  • Simple Possession of Schedule II and Schedule IV Narcotics
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Berrios was also charged with Speeding and Cota was charged with Maintaining a Vehicle to Transport Narcotics.

Michael Berrios (Photo: Bladen Co. Sheriff’s Office)

Berrios was placed under a $28,300.00 bond, Cota received a $43,000.00 bond and Ortez Flores was placed under a $27,000.00 bond. All three men had first appearance hearings Monday and were released on bond pending trial.


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  • B1BomberVB

    The felony dope-dealing charges won’t stick. They had small personal-use quantities of cocaine & pot!

  • B1BomberVB

    If they had not stocked up on booze in their hometown in Virginia, they’d be better off! I suppose they had friends/ relatives >21 y/o buy it for them, or they shopped at liquor stores whose emplioyees knew them and so did not card them or believed their fake IDs. I assume liquor is more expensive in VA, which has monopoly ABC stores, than SC, where liquor stores are privately-owned & competitive.

  • James Johnson

    These illegal alien “DREAMers” shouldn’t be here in the first place.

  • Keri Morris Johnson

    So much for college…

    • Tim

      Something tells me college was never in the cards…

      • Mal Annur

        Actually me and lorenzo are close and he had a scholarship for football to go to college so yes it was there. and it still is there.

      • Heimie Schmelter

        You’ll never make it….

  • 58thStreetSurfer

    You can’t fix stupid but do you really need to increase the intensity?

    • B1BomberVB

      The stupidity of smoking pot in their vehicle led the cop to all their other “stuff.” Whenever I was stopped for a traffic violation, even when young, no cop ever wanted to search my vehicle.

  • Moccosin

    Sounded Like Well Rounded Young Men………The Kind North Carolina Deserves.

    • Greg Paul

      Idiot…they were from Virginia

      • B1BomberVB

        And they were passing thru NC on their way to SC!

    • 58thStreetSurfer

      That was a really hateful post.

      • Heimie Schmelter

        Like you said in your earlier post above, “You can’t fix stupid!” Moccosin is proof of that!

  • Chris Horner


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