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Citizens oppose GenX
People of all ages came out to Wilmington City Council's meeting on June 20, 2017 to express their disappointment with Chemours. (Photo: Basil John/WWAY)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — People say they want safe and clean water.

A sea of red filled city hall as hundreds of people came out to make their voices heard.

“I was really unsettled when I first heard about it,” Audra Heins said.

The meeting was filled to the brim, as several people went up to the podium asking Wilmington’s officials to crack down on Chemours. But adults aren’t the only ones scared.

“They don’t care because they know that we’re drinking out of that river. They’re just going to keep doing that if we don’t do anything about it,” Jack Pitman said.

Many tonight were wearing red in solidarity against GenX. Even with the statement from Chemours hours before the meeting, saying they would clean up the GenX, many residents believe that is not enough and the damage has been done.

“I absolutely do not think it’s sufficient. I am not to sure I can believe them at this point. I’m not going to wait around to find out and that’s very sad,” Kathy Drago said.

“It’s a proper response but they should have been doing this the entire time,” Heins said.

Even Wilmington’s dignitaries want answers and more help from the government.

“If there’s ever been an example of why we need good strong regulatory agencies it is this particular issue,” Mayor Bill Saffo said.

Some people believe more citizens need to come out to show their disapproval.

“If it was brown or another color, you would remember and lets not forget the fact that it is bad water no matter what color it is,” Drago said.

Besides the concerns about water, council unanimously approved the budget for the city of Wilmington at the meeting. Tax rates will go down from 48.5 to 48.34 but it is dependent on a person’s property value.


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