Hundreds gather for Caper Fear River Watch forum

Cape Fear River Watch forum
Hundreds come out to have their questions answered by local experts on June 21, 2017. (Photo: Basil John/WWAY)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — ‘Should we buy bottled water?’ ‘Why didn’t we know of this sooner?’ ‘Can we drink the water?’

Those were some of the questions community members want to know.

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Angry and confused people from across the Cape Fear filled the Coastline Convention Center last night.

Former Wilmington Mayor, Harper Peterson, moderated the discussion as professionals and educators answered questions.

Dr. David Hill, with Kidz Care Pediatrics, is concerned about the safety of children in the area.

“I think as somebody who cares for children, we know that children health is very much a product of their environment. So, as opposed to this one event, I’m very worried that environmental protections, that keep children safe and healthy, are being weakened right now,” Hill said.

Parents are worrying if their kids will be okay.

“My concern is that I drink the water here my entire pregnancy. I’m nursing him. I’ve been consuming the water his entire life. For his entire life, he’s been drinking it up until we started buying water, when the story broke,” Mary Turner -Danylec said.

Robert Bowcock, water consultant to Erin Brockovich was also at the meeting through video chat and made a big statement that left the room quiet.

“I would not drink water with this chemical in it with this many unknowns,” Bowcock said.

Many people were angry about the situation and want answers.

“For the last seven years I’ve lived here, I’ve been drinking the water and I take what I put into my body seriously. When I find out that there’s a cocktail of chemicals that are going into my drinking water that I drink every single day, it concerns me,” Michael Jonsdotter said.

“There’s not that much information still. Even the people that are studying it in depth don’t really know it’s talking points and there’s not anything in detail and I think that’s partially for a reason,” Maria Dipaola said.

The forum lasted two hours but some people wished it was longer because they still have more questions to ask.