Blues music in plenty of supply this weekend in Wilmington


Memphis, St. Louis, New Orleans, all cities where blues is king. The Port City joined the list this weekend.

The 22nd annual Cape Fear Blues Festival kicked off on Friday with the Downtown Sundown concert on the riverfront.

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Saturday, 4 blues bands graced the stage at the Rusty Nail in downtown Wilmington. It cost $20 for a ticket, and there was a food truck, cash bar, merchandise, and of course, all the blues music you could possible want.

Although the blues scene might be more niche here in Wilmington, it still compares to those larger cities.

“I’ve been on Beale Street in Memphis and the Rusty Nail is a classic blues club, it’s great. The scene around town, there’s plenty of good blues venues and bands,” said Wilmington resident Chris Conrad.

The festival wraps up Sunday with an all-day blues jam, guitar giveaway, and post-jam party at the Rusty Nail.