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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Fireworks are a popular sight during the Fourth of July holiday, but you may want to think twice before driving to the state line to get your own firework display.

Most fireworks are illegal in the state of North Carolina.

“Fireworks just make it more real and true especially the red white and blue ones,” vacationer Parker Chapman said.

For many, those red white and blue explosions are an Independence Day tradition.

“It makes it bigger and more fun,” vacationer Talyn Winfrey said.

While there are several towns in the Cape Fear who put on their own firework display, you may want to think twice before putting on your own firework display.

“In North Carolina, it’s illegal for anyone to posess, discharge, to sell fireworks,” Sunset Beach Police Chief Ken Klamar said.

Sunset Beach Police Chief Ken Klamar said there are some exceptions.

“For things that smoke, for sparklers, for things that don’t propel,” Klamar said. “However, in the Town of Sunset Beach by ordinances those are prohibited as well.”

Klamar said it is not just illegal to use them.

“It’s a class two misdemeanor to be caught in possession of those items,” Klamar said. “You can’t even have them in your vehicle. You can’t have them in your home.”

Klamar said if you are caught, it could cost you up to $500 and six months in prison.

Klamar said just down the road, in South Carolina, it is legal to buy sell and use fireworks.

“And being within 15 minutes of the border, it’s very easy for folks in North Carolina to go there and obtain fireworks,” Klamar said.

As the holiday brings more visitors this week, Klamar said the police department will be stepping up patrols.

“Fireworks is one of those things we’re going to watch for and we’re going to take enforcement action,” Klamar said.

So if you are celebrating independence in North Carolina, you may want to leave the exploding tradition to the professionals.


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  • Heimie Schmelter

    SBPC Klamar….A.K.A.- Barney Fife. “We will nipp IT in THEE bud!”
    Must be a boring life as police “chief” of Sunset Beach….

  • drpepper70

    Hello from the free state of South Carolina!

  • Jim

    “six months in prison”. For fireworks? How many imprisonments this year, Chief Klamar? Why not focus on stopping the illegal parking all over the island and stop your ludicrous “imprisonment” threats to taxpayers and tourists?

  • guest45

    just another money grab by a small time cop whose men go home after their shift and shoot off their fireworks with their family and kids, everyone have a safe 4th

  • lpndj6

    Nannystatism at its finest gotta protect the citizens from themselves.

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