Fireworks light up Independence Day in the Port City


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — As 4th of July festivities came to a swift end, there was definitely a crowd favorite among many people in Downtown Wilmington Tuesday night.

“My favorite part is the fireworks and I get to spend time with my family,” Chloe Wareing said.

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“The fireworks and just having fun,” Glen Moore said.

“The sparklers and the fireworks,” Patrick Wareing said.

Fireworks were the most popular event at the City of Wilmington 4th of July Celebration. Several people like Chuck Moore camped out for hours on the Riverwalk to secure a good spot.

“The fireworks show to be honest with you,” Moore said. “It’s longer than most of the ones in Jacksonville. Especially the base in Swansboro.”

People came from all across the county and state to see the Port City light show.

“It’s always a nice display. The fireworks are well worth it,” Richard Cousins said.

Clayton Bryant says he and his family have been coming for 20 years and counting, all to sit by the water and enjoy the show.

“It’s a good atmosphere,” Bryant said. “There’s some good stuff to do. It’s just a good way to spend the holiday afternoon and be with the family.”

The Independence Day celebration had everything from live music, to vendors of all kinds, there was definitely something for the whole family. While it was a great time, for some people like Kristoff Bauer it is a family tradition.

“Fireworks, you know, we actually came from the Seattle area where we used to go out to Lake Union and watch the fireworks when our kids were very young. Now our kids are a lot older, but we try to keep the tradition to get out and watch some fireworks,” Bauer said.

Aside from celebrating the nation and honoring those who fought for us, it is also remembering what the holiday is really all about.

“Well, I’m sitting here at the edge of the river you know, you really see how lucky we are to live in a country where we can do this,” Bryant said. “You know, there’s a lot of countries where you stick your head out the door and death is a risk and you know, we’ve got the freedoms. And the means in place to protect us so we can enjoy a day like today.”