SC soccer association to ban cheering at youth games


SOUTH CAROLINA (WWAY) — A South Carolina soccer league is working to get fans’ attention by banning cheering, good and bad, when the season starts this fall.

The South Carolina Youth Soccer Association is starting “Silent September.” Burns Davison with the association says the board took this step because parents weren’t paying attention to the current rules.

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“Silent September” requires parents and visitors to be silent during the game. That means no cheering in an attempt to allow the player to enjoy the game that they love. If parents ignore warnings to remain silent, they will be dismissed from the game.

“All of this allows a reset to what kind of positive cheering we’d be expecting. What sort of things are best interpreted by our youth players and what’s best for the kids.” Burns Davison said.

Parents will have to sign an acknowledgement of the code of conduct and after “Silent September”, there will be periodic “Silent Saturdays and Sundays” as a reminder.