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SURF CITY, NC (WWAY) — A well-known building in Surf City is just about gone as the North Carolina Department of Transportation makes progress building a new bridge.

Construction crews began tearing down the building where Crabby Mike’s once operated next to the water tower in Surf City last week. It is not entirely gone yet.

The NC DOT is using that space as a part of the new high-rise bridge that will replace the swing bridge.

At the beginning of the year, we told you the owner of Crabby Mike’s closed his restaurant and moved out of the space he had been renting in the building for 12 years after hearing the news from the DOT.


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  • guest45

    If the dot is building a new bridge then the antiquated swing bridge needs to be removed, no excuse for a swing bridge in NC or anywhere else these days.

  • Katie Shakur


    • Heimie Schmelter

      You have 2 roads in and 2 roads out of that island that are miles apart with a large tourist population. The old swing bridge opens on demand for commercial vessels and on the hour for pleasure vessels. The bridge is old, it’s slow and it breaks a lot rendering it completely inoperable for hours or longer at a time. That ISN’T a good thing when you need immediate response for firetrucks, ambulances and other ERT services. This isn’t a horse and buggy world we live in any longer.

      • Katie Shakur

        bridge was fast to me

  • Trish L Simpson

    Coming from a tourist area myself, I understand the congestion and the head aches it brings, but I will miss the “old” Surf City. I fear it will become over-commercialized like Carolina Beach has. I loved the laid back “old beach town” vibe, I hope the city leaders will not let it become “just another touristy beach”. Farewell and fair seas Mike! I will miss eating there when I return!

    • Heimie Schmelter

      My last visit to Topsail Island was the past 2 Memorial Days. There was plenty of room on the beach for umbrellas, tents chairs without a hint of crowding. It resembled a “slow winter day” at WB. If you want to talk “over-commercialized” talk about Myrtle Beach and Wrightsville Beach. Carolina Beach is great, full of family activities and lots of tourist attractions. It’s better than it’s ever been and gaining popularity by bounds. Beaches all over are some of the highest demand tourist destinations. The days of the “old beach town” is fading away, but if grown and managed properly can be a wonderful thing! CB is testament to that! WB ISN’T!

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