Carolina Beach Town Council approves Brunch Bill


CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Carolina Beach Town Council voted to allow Sunday morning alcohol sales Tuesday night.

Wrightsville Beach was the first town in New Hanover County to adopt the state’s Brunch Bill Monday night.

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The Brunch Bill is a new possibility for towns across North Carolina that has many folks raising their glasses.

“Well I’m all for it, of course, because we do sell alcohol,” Hoplite Irish Pub and Restaurant Owner Ron Stevens said.

“If people want to do it, I don’t see a problem with that especially at a brunch situation where you want to have mimosas or enjoy the occasion,” Linda Flynn said.

The NC General Assembly recently passed a law allowing local governments to decide whether to allow the sale of alcohol starting at 10 a.m. on Sundays. Carolina Beach restaurant owner Ron Stevens said it is about time.

“It’s just common practice everywhere else, you know, so why not here?” Stevens said.

Stevens said the current law can be confusing to visitors.

“Anytime somebody from out of town is visiting and they’re from an area that serves alcohol at all times of the day, they’re like why can’t you serve us a drink,” Stevens said.

As a beach town that sees visitors all summer long, Linda Flynn said the change could help the area.

“People on vacation, they want to enjoy themselves, for sure,” Flynn said.

Stevens said his customers would enjoy the change and he would enjoy a boost in business. Stevens said they are in the process of adding a brunch menu to the weekends. He said that will start in January 2018.

“Certainly for us it’s going to make customers a little more happy,” Stevens said. “We have people here at 11:00 having lunch on Sunday and they’re waiting until 12:00 to be able to have a beer or a mixed drink, so it’s going to make them happy.”

Other cities, like Surf City, Raleigh, and Carrboro, have already approved the change.

Carolina Beach is voted at their meeting Tuesday night at 6:30. On July 18, Wilmington City Council and Kure Beach will consider the Brunch Bill. New Hanover County Commissioners say it will likely be discussed at their August meeting.