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Port City DiamondBacks marching band members pose for a group photo at band practice (Photo: Sarah Johnson/WWAY)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A marching band in Wilmington is drumming up interest for kids who want to play music and dance.

Port City DiamondBacks started just a few years ago.

“We started back around 2015,” Port City DiamondBacks Band Director Tyshoan White said. “We were at the Boys and Girls Club and we ended up starting our own team.”

“At first it was just us three in the yard playing around,” Port City DiamondBacks Band Director Juan Kennedy said. “One of the directors bought some drums from somebody that we knew back in the day. Turned out we started getting band members.”

White said while some kids may find success in sports as a means to go to college, others may be talented at music. “We’re teaching them this so they can have other avenues to get out of the projects,” White said.

“When we dance and do stuff, we can kind of get away from everything else that’s going on in the neighborhood,” Dancer Keashanti Judd said.

The band practices four days a week, usually from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

“The stuff that we’ve been practicing, I’ve actually been able to catch along faster than others, and been able to perform with different drums,” Drummer Jacquez Fennell said.

There were many things the kids said they liked about being in the marching band.

Recently, we went to Navassa and it was fun,” Dancer Ariyah Graham said.

“I like it about it because we have creative stuff,” Dancer A’Niya Sanbury said.

“When we had our first performance, that was fun too,” Dancer Zaidya McKoy said.

The group’s next public performance will be on July 30 at Battle Fest in Wilmington.

For more information on Port City DiamondBacks, click here.


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