Univ. of South Carolina employee charged in kickback scheme

Blake Langland

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) – Prosecutors say a project manager at the University of South Carolina funneled $420,000 worth of grant money to himself over seven years.

The state grand jury indicted 48-year-old Blake Langland on five counts relating to public corruption in an indictment made public Tuesday.

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The indictment says Langland works at the university’s Electrical Engineering Department.

Prosecutors say when a subcontractor determined it couldn’t do work it was being paid to do and agreed to stop working, Langland took over the company’s finances and sent money to a firm he created.

Authorities say Langland also used other employees and graduate students to do personal work and jobs where he overbilled for their work and pocketed the difference.

It wasn’t known if Langland had a lawyer.

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