People around Wilmington finding ways to beat the heat this weekend


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s summer in southeastern North Carolina, which means it’s hot!

Temperatures in the 90s and dew points in the 70s will translate to a heat index in the triple digits, like we experienced Friday afternoon.

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That didn’t stop people from getting out on the town.

“Not letting it bother you, just get out and enjoy it. It’s beautiful, beautiful town,” said Terry Mock, a Maryland native visiting the Port City.

“Sunny, it’s not raining,” said her friend Maritsa Hartlove.

“True, the first few days it was raining, so I’ll take the heat,” said Mock.

Generally, our local National Weather Service office will issue a heat advisory if heat index values are expected to exceed 105 degrees for an extended period of time. That kind of heat won’t be out of the question this weekend.

You’ll want to limit your time outdoors, stay hydrated, and never leave kids or pets unattended in a hot car.

Whether people wanted to get some ice cream, hang out by the river, or even go ice skating, they were finding ways to stay cool.

“During the summertime, it kinda lightens up here. You would think, on hot days like this, they would come to cool off. That’s what we kinda want, we want to get our name out there a little bit more, we want to get more people to come out here and try to cool off here because it’s actually a pretty cool thing to do during the summer, too,” said Brett Brodie, the manager of The Wilmington Ice House.

Making the most of the heat, as we dream of the comfort that fall and winter will bring.

Rain is expected to return to the area next week, which should cool our temperatures down to a more reasonable level.