UNCW students displays work with non-profits


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — UNCW students got a chance to showcase their hard work and involvement with 20 non-profit organizations in the local community Wednesday.

Each student displayed a poster about the non-profit they worked with during the summer semester class.

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Professor Jeff Brudney says this is the fifth time they’ve offered it and so far they’ve worked with 90 non-profits in the community.

Brudney also says the work the students do does not end at the end of the class.

“About half of these students will continue volunteering and giving their time to these organizations, helping these organizations to do their good work in helping these students to develop their skills,” Brudney said. “The other thing is that these students develop ideas about how they’d like help in the community and make a difference with their lives.”

Brudney says the class for non-profit leadership is only offered in the summer.