WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Getting into the entertainment industry is tough. You have to put yourself out there for the world to see and three people from our area did just that in hopes of a dream come true. WWAY’s Daniel Seamans takes you on their EXTRAORDINARY journey from the Port City to New York City where they rocked the runway.

Meet Jimmy, Nautica, and Isaiah. Three aspiring models and actors who just returned from New York City.

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“You’re on a stage with about 500 agents from around the world,” Jimmy Willis told Daniel Seamans, “and you’re competing in different modeling, acting, and dancing and if you are singing, then singing competitions.”

The three spent a week at the International Modeling and Talent Association, or IMTA, convention. “It was exciting, and kind of nervous at the same time,” Isaiah ‘Big IKE’ McFadden said, “but once you got on stage, you couldn’t feel anything.” Isaiah came up with the name ‘Big IKE’ by combining the words Intelligent, Kind, and Encouraged.

Nautica Graham echoed Isaiah’s emotions. “Before I got on I was pretty nervous,” Nautica said, “but when you get on the stage, you forget everything and just do it.”

Thousands of people showed up in NYC to compete, watch, and learn while putting it all on the line with hopes of a dream come true.

“It was filled with many late nights and early mornings,” Jimmy said. “There was exhaustion, fatigue, but you gotta push through it.”

Nautica shared her expert advice, “You gotta have that walk and attitude.”

And all three shared humbling moments. “What was going through your mind when you were up there walking with everyone looking at you?” Daniel asked Isaiah. “Don’t mess up!” he replied with everyone joining in a laugh.

They left with knowledge that win or lose, it’s always a win. “I see it more as like even if there wasn’t an outcome, even if you didn’t get any call backs there, you still expose yourself to the world,” Jimmy said.

The Big Apple saw Big dreams in progress from these three. “Don’t take anything for granted, just do it. If it’s your dream, do it,” Nautica said of taking the risk.

You could see them come alive while taking part in a Walking Dead scene on stage. “I knew some people who kind of had low self esteem but they came out of it and their confidence was through the roof,” Jimmy said of the experience he witnessed.

And they walked away proving they can, in fact, do it.

“Everything is an experience, I thank God for these experiences,” Nautica added.

“It makes you feel like you’ve done something big in your life, like you accomplished something,” Isaiah noted.

Yes you have, Isaiah, and Nautica, and Jimmy.
You are pursuing your dreams, one foot in front of the other, and that makes you, EXTRAORDINARY!

All three scored extremely high in the categories they competed in and are hoping it will lead to more exposure.
Isaiah’s mother says he has already been offered a contract from an agent and the family is considering all options right now.

Way to go, guys!!!!