One Wilmington woman leads protest at Chemours


FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington woman decided to take the GenX fight into her own hands today by organizing a protest at the Chemours plant near Fayetteville.

From Wilmington to Fayetteville, Beth Markesino organized a protest going directly to the source of GenX.

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“I drove an hour-and-a-half here. This is so emotional for me to stand on these grounds, on the grounds of the place that has been poisoning for 37 years the Cape Fear region,” Markesino said.

Markesino was hoping to have an army behind her when leaving Wilmington City Hall, but instead it was a solo act.

“I don’t think it matters honestly. I mean I wish there would have been more of us, but I mean that’s ok. It’s still getting the message out there,” Markesino said.

After a couple deep breaths, Markesino made her voice heard when she approached the guards asking for someone to answer her questions.

“When you turn on your faucets tonight to make your dinners, to take your showers, to brush your teeth at night, you think about what’s in your water. Because I know what’s in my water,”┬áMarkesino said.

She said this protest was one step forward in her plan.

“I want them to know that we are here and we haven’t given up and they are on our radar and we’re after ’em,” Markesino said.

Her main objective is to put a stop to Chemours forever.

“Above all else we want to shut Chemours down. It’s not just making them pay or a slap on the wrist. We want to shut down this company,”Markesino said.

Only one other protester made the drive from Wilmington to join Markesino.