Couple says waitress at local restaurant used a gay slur


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It started with a coffee and a water and ended in an argument.

“We asked her, ‘Can you check on our coffee?’ and she rudely said, ‘No, because you’re already being taken care of,'” Kyle McClellan said.

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McClellan and Bobby Hilburn enjoy going to White Front Breakfast House in Wilmington. But they say Sunday, they got into an argument with a waitress. When they thought the argument was over, they were surprised by what she said to them.

“We’re waiting, standing there at the register for our food to come out. She walks up behind us and calls us a derogatory word for being homosexual,” McClellan said,

For them the word is a brutal reminder of their past.

“In hearing that word, it brings back so many memories of being, you know, talked about or my hiding who I was,” Hilburn said.

The restaurant’s owner says he never wanted anyone to feel discriminated against.

“We have a variety of customers. Blacks, whites, any other ethnicity. We have gay people coming here, lesbians for years, and we do not discriminate,” Yinni Ioannou, White Front Breakfast House Owner, said.

He says he is willing to apologize to them.

“They can get an apology any time they want to, you know? Because the waitresses are very apologetic all the time to the customers,” Ioannou said.

But McClellan and Hilburn say they will never go back to what was their favorite breakfast spot because they are disappointed with how the situation was handled.

“I will accept his apology, and I am grateful that he will apologize. I will accept her apology, and I’m grateful she will apologize, but honestly, I probably won’t go back,” McClellan said.

“No. I will never go back there again. Ever,” Hilburn said.

McClellan and Hilburn say they do not wish for anyone to boycott the restaurant and will just move on to a new one.

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