WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Talk shows are very popular. You get a group of people together to get different views on various topics. There’s one that just debuted in the Port City that is bringing everyday issues to the spotlight. WWAY’s Daniel Seamans sat down with the executive producer and host who is our Extraordinary Person of the Week.

“At church, I did a conference, and I said this is not it,” Latoya Barrett told Daniel Seamans of the first attempt.

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Something was missing. So she took it up a notch.

“And so I did a talk show within’ the conference and I said, mmmmm, okay, we’re getting a little closer and I said this is this not it because we’re not hitting the people that I want to hit. I want to get people outside the church walls and I want to talk to everyone.”

She did. Big time. Latoya Barrett took her idea to social media and television with a daily talk show based in Wilmington and airing on the Cape Fear CW.

“I’m talking to more people on the streets,” Latoya said. “I love talking to the homeless, I love talking to the affluent, I love going through the gammit of people seeing what they think. And when I did that, I said, we have something, let’s talk and that’s what we did. To be free you have to live free.”

It’s called ‘Live Free Talk Show‘.   Latoya carefully put together the cast of four.   “I said this would be funny to have a pastor on one side and a rapper on another and I thought this would make a great show because we can cover everything from far extreme to everything in the middle. I said this would be very good candid conversation and that’s how I found my cast,” described Latoya.

It’s just the beginning. If the success continues, Latoya’s spotlight could create a stage with no boundaries.

“I want to put to work young people in this city,” she said. “To work in film, to get to talking, to get to writing, publishing their work and being able to be creatives and thinkers at the same time and so my goal is to empower my community but talk nationally.”

Latoya Barrett, you give the community something to talk about.  To “be free you gotta live free” and that makes you, Extraordinary.

Right now ‘Live Free Talk Show’ airs on the Cape Fear CW at 1pm, Monday-Friday.
You can also follow their progress on the show website and Facebook page.
Click here to see the debut show.