Cooper: “The monuments should come down,” WWAY asks local lawmakers about it


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) –  The Governor wants to move forward in removing confederate monuments.
some local lawmakers support his position on the issue.

It’s an issue lawmakers had to deal with back in 2015. That was under a different Governor and now a much different direction.

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“These monuments should come down,” says Governor Roy Cooper in his public address.

A Tuesday statement by Governor Roy Cooper is a new issue for the Republican led General Assembly.

“The North Carolina legislature must repeal a 2015 law that prevents removal or relocation of monuments,” says the Governor.

We reached out to state lawmakers, hearing from Representative Deb Butler. Whether it’s for a political statement or for safety of the structures, she is in favor of a change.

“Yes I think the General Assembly should vote on this issue and I do support the Governor, communities, each and every community needs to curate its own space,” says Rep. Butler adding, “and so it’s not for the General Assembly to decide what happens in Burlington, or Fayetteville or Lumberton, each community needs to decided and that law is in the way.”

Changing the 2015 law enacted by then Governor Pat McCrory would take a new piece of legislation to move through both the House and Senate.

“Certainly it may be on the agenda, I look forward to seeing what happens when we get back, I don’t know if we have time in this session, it’ll probably be next yea,” says the District 18 representative.

We reached out to several lawmakers on the Republican side of the aisle but none returned our calls or emails on the issue. Senator Bill Rabon even left out of the back door during a meeting in Southport we attended and requested to interview him at.

Representative Butler had this to say surrounding the morning vandalism on the monuments.

“Any kind of vandalism is not appropriate.”

We also reached out to state leaders in the GOP for comment but no calls were returned.