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Duke Chapel's statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee vandalized. PHOTO: WTVD

DURHAM, N.C. (AP) – A statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee at Duke University has been defaced.

The Lee statue of in the entryway to Duke Chapel had scuff marks where someone struck it. Part of its nose is damaged.

Duke officials discovered the vandalism early Thursday. Lee’s likeness is one of 10 historical figures lining the main entryway to the neo-Gothic church. The others include religious leaders and two other historical figures of the American South, Thomas Jefferson and poet Sidney Lanier.

Duke President Vincent Price said in a statement he had already been discussing how to deal with strong reactions to the statue, but says it’s wrong for someone to vandalize a house of worship.  The university is investigating and reviewing video from outside the chapel. Security has been increased.

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  • kline

    American Taliban is live and well! Great job democrats! Destroy that which offends you!

  • Anonymous Hero

    Why did Duke have a statue of an ESPN sports announcer on their campus?

  • 58thStreetSurfer

    Fortunately the Lenin statue in Seattle is still safe. Lenine starved 5,000,000 people to death and his policies cost over 40,000,000 lives in wars.

  • cooldela1966

    Racism ends when Confederate Statues are down. And it will cure baldness as well.

    • guest45

      you have been drinking to much of the left’s “cool-aid”, statues do not cause racism, RACISM is in the heart, and I am willing to bet you harbor more racism in your heart than the average conservative ever has, we are the people that makes good things happen for people of all color, while you folks on the left keep stirring up hate and racism in this country to make yourselves feel better, most of us try to live our lives right and raise our kids right, I can gaurantee you that you will not see one of mine out there showing their butt destroying statues or burning stores or looting other peoples property’s, what is next on yaw’s agendas if and when those mean old statues are taken down?

      If the confederate statues come down we will want all the statues down, and all the MLK highways renamed to a more neutral name and one less offending. Nothing will ever please you people, why don’t yaw join the military and go and see what it is like to put your life on the line for the freedoms we used to enjoy in this country! That ain’t going to happen either.

  • Chance Nottaken

    What about General Sherman’s statue? He burned every house down he could in Ga. Can we get that one taken down? I’d say he offends a lot of people.

  • Heimie Schmelter

    “…but says it’s wrong for someone to vandalize a house of worship.”
    It’s wrong to commit a felony by the willful and cowardly destruction of the university’s property! On top of that, this is very expensive art and should be treated as such. If the smart students of Duke University don’t have the common decency to take the appropriate route for having a statue removed, they shouldn’t be attending college there!
    This whole ordeal spews of ignorance, violence and lack of education. The very opposite of what Duke stands for! I’m personally sick and tired of hearing of these incidents and hope the perpetrators are lashed to the fullest extent of the law!

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