Erin Brockovich stays busy with GenX while visiting Wilmington


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Conversations about GenX continued this morning with water activist Erin Brockovich and other local officials.

The meeting Brockovich participated in this morning was not supposed to be closed, but a production crew filming it refused to let the media inside.

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Brockovich has been involved in the GenX issues from afar, but now she is in Wilmington to see the problem at hand, first hand.

“We as people have gotten very comfortable and compliant that we just turn on the tap and you’re going to have good water,” Brockovich said.

New Hanover County Commissioner and CFPUA board member Skip Watkins said no great revelation was made during the closed door meeting, but he is happy to have outside help.

Meanwhile, Brockovich said this is a time everyone must come together.

“This is where I said we have to stop this division going on here ok everybody is on the same page and ya need clean water,” Brockovich said.

She believes transparency is key in fighting this battle against Chemours, the company responsible for dumping chemicals into the water.

“We all want clean water, everybody does, the commissioner, your senators, municipality didn’t want this. They’re not the polluters the company is and everyone is circling together now to figure out the most feasible, productive, quick, open, honest transparent way,”Brockovich said.

Watkins said Robert Bowcock, Brockovich’s water quality expert complimented the efforts the city has taken so far.

Brockovich has a busy schedule while in town helping fight GenX. There will be a rally this Saturday and she is supposed to be attending.