Broadband coming to rural parts of Pender County


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Slow internet plagued rural areas in Pender county for years. But AT&T made a special announcement to help the people with their internet concerns. It will be a major upgrade from the internet the citizens are used to and is just the beginning for rural areas in North Carolina.

“AT&T is trying to make this more readily available and affordable in the rural areas of North Carolina,”

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AT&T announced they will provide fixed wireless internet to people in Pender County. Fixed wireless internet means internet will come from the cell tower. Congressman David Rouzer was there, excited for the high speed internet in the area.

“Broadband access is really really critical. It’s critical from every standpoint, from personal use to growing businesses and growing the communities. And that’s one of the challenges we have in rural areas is getting broadband deployment,” Rouzer said

John Lyon, with AT&T, says it’s about time they help the people in the area get this basic need.

“What used to be a luxury item, you know a lot of folks used to consider internet a luxury item. It is a basic need today, like water, power, telephone service. Internet service, everyone really needs it,” Lyon said.

This is all part of the FCC’s Connect America Fund to provide better internet to initial rural areas.

“All over rural America, it’s a real need and it’s something that I hope to focus on as part of our major infrastructure bill that congress will be working on later this fall and into next year.”

AT&T says they plan to reach 400,000 locations by the end of this year and Pender county is just the beginning of their outreach here in North Carolina.

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