Veteran offers peaceful solution to controversial confederate monuments


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Tired of seeing arguments over confederate statues? One army veteran has an idea he hopes will catch on and make both sides happy.

There is controversy over confederate statues across the state and nation as many demand they come down. It’s enough to make one New Hanover County veteran upset at the way people have been fighting with one another.

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“Seeing the extremist on both sides arguing and fighting and these battles going on over these things out in public like I said it’s heartbreaking,” David Deserres said.

A former US Army Infantry Sergeant, Deserres has sparked an idea that he hopes others will agree with.

“Well it’s a very complex problem but I have a very very simple solution,” he said.

He wants to find a common ground.

“Some people want it some people don’t, alright well let’s make everybody happy,” he said. “Instead of tearing the statues down what we can do is relocate them to a safe place.”

A place like a cemetery where people can visit them if they want.

“These statues could be replaced with brand new statues that would commemorate and honor the fallen heroes in the wars of Afghanistan and Iraq,” he added.

Deserres plans to continue reaching out to state and local leaders to see what they think of his idea.

We spoke to Wilmington City councilman Kevin O’Grady and he says conversations about the statues need to happen. He believes the decisions about the removal or non-removal of statues should be at the local level.