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Columbus County Animal Shelter (Photo: Justin McKee/WWAY)

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Columbus County Animal Control is not taking any more animals because they are currently over crowded.

The shelter has 40 kennels and five quarantine kennels. Currently they have more than double that number of dogs.

The state came out to the shelter and agreed they need to stop taking in any more animals until they can make more room available.

One of the animal control officers says he hasn’t seen this many dogs at this shelter before.

“It’s real upsetting to me to know that we got this many dogs out here, and nobody is coming to get them,” Barry Hinson, animal control officer, said. “I mean we do have rescues that are helping us with a lot of our animals going out that’s real good.”

They hope to have dogs adopted and rescued so they can start taking animals in again on September 11.


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  • guest45

    sad indeed, way to many people running puppy mills, and by that anybody that is raising pup’s for sale is a “puppy mill” way to many good dog’s homeless.

  • LovesDogs2012

    Euthanasia is more humane than turning animals away. People will abandon them or kill them in cruel ways (shooting, drowning, etc.). This is irresponsible and cruel!

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