BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — He’s a musician. He’s a real estate developer. He’s a life saver. Our Extraordinary Person of the Week was asked to create a way for 3rd world countries to get disease free water. He answered the call with a “Living Water System”. WWAY’s Daniel Seamans shows you how it works.

Water is a necessity. We know that. But in 3rd world countries, it’s a whole new ballgame.  Michael Little is trying to change that.

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“It’s the stuff that E-Coli, salmonella, Hepatitis A and C, Malaria, it’s the things that kill 95% of the children that die in 3rd world countries before the age of 5,” Michael Little told WWAY’s Daniel Seamans.

Michael Little got the idea in 2013 from a close friend who spent time traveling to villages around the world.

“She said, you know the kids are sick everywhere I go and they are sick from water born diseases and you need to do something. I said okay.”

‘Okay’ turned into the “Living Water System“, a water filtration system that uses gravity to filter out waterborne illness.

“What you have is waste from mammals,” Michael said,”carries the deadly stuff. And most of the people where we are they are sharing watering holes with the beast.”

Four years later, Michael says the non-profit organization now has the system in 19 developing nations and is expanding for natural disasters in the United States.

“In case of a hurricane where municipal service is down or where there is cross contamination.”

Here’s how it works: You find a water source, hang the filter, and gravity takes care of the rest.

“The flow rate is 8-10 gallons per hour. In 3 hours, you can take care of a family’s needs for a day, you don’t have all that plastic, all you have to do is have some water source.”

Courtesy: Living Water Systems

Michael Little…you find ways to create water safe to drink in places where it just isn’t. That makes you….Extraordinary.
For more information on Living Water Systems, the non-profit, and their mission, click here.