Rep. Pittenger holds town hall in Elizabethtown


BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A congressman spent some time in Bladen County today to talk with residents about their concerns.

A busy week for Congressman Robert Pittenger, this was his 8th town hall meeting since Monday.

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“I love coming out and meeting my constituents. It’s great coming to Bladen County, I want to be supportive in anyway that we can, so many needs that are here,” (R) 9th District Rep. Robert Pittenger said.

During the meeting he addressed issues like health care.  The republican explained how he is working to continue to repeal and replace Obamacare.

“Insurance providers are pulling out of the system, but we want to have is market driven, competitive marketed health care, not government mandated. We have competition in the market that drives prices down,” Pittenger said.

Health care wasn’t the only main concern. Many who came out to speak with the congressman talked about the opioid epidemic.

Joyce Owen and her family shared the heartbreak of their child’s deadly overdose, to help get the message across that this is a big problem.

“Everybody needs to be aware of how bad the stuff is out here because it is killing so many people, a lot of young people,” Bladen County resident Joyce Owen said.

Pittenger said 500-million dollars has been given to help counties with the opioid epidemic.

“It is a crisis through out the country and we are playing close attention to it and being supportive of counties and what they’re trying to do,” Pittenger said.

The congressman said it’s important to hold town halls and wants to hold another in the future with Dr. Ben Carson.

Pittenger is in Mecklenburg County for his final town hall meeting tonight.