Businesses get ready to wrap up for the season


CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — You can smell what’s left of summer, and fresh made donuts, in the air in Carolina Beach. Some businesses are getting ready to bid farewell to the season.

“It has been a very good season. We had right bit of rain in August but overall, it usually works out, pretty much the same or a little bit better, usually,” Bobby Nivens, Britt’s Donuts owner, said.

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Britt’s Donuts will be open for this Labor Day weekend before closing up shop but owners say not too many people come out for the final stretch.

“The week before school starts back up, a lot of people stay at home spend their money on clothes and things, you know, for the kids and when school start back, it really stops a lot of people form coming down,” Nivens said.

The end of the season is always very bittersweet for the Britt’s Donuts owner.

“I’ve been here forty three years. The donut shop done been here seventy eight but we always look forward to closing down. We always look forward to opening it back up too. But we look forward and in a way we have to,” Nivens said.

Megerle Shows provides the carnival rides and says they will also be open through this weekend too. A manager says this season did not well for them and they’ve seen better years for business. Nivens says the rides draw lots of visitors.

“They brings a lot of people into the area. It gives people things to do, you know, the rides do. And that draws a lot of people,” Nivens said.