CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Bumper stickers have long been used as a form of expression on the back on a car or truck. But in Carolina Beach, a woman has found a way to break barriers with the back of her wheelchair.
WWAY’s Daniel Seamans introduces you to our Extraordinary Person of the Week.

There is quite the creative mind inside Lorraine’s Hakuna Matata. It’s something old becoming something new.

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“We Call it a Wheelchair POP Topper,” Lorraine Woodward told WWAY’s Daniel Seamans. “It’s a pop of personality for your wheelchair.”

It’s something inspired by girls just wanting to have fun. “In December of last year,” she said, “a friend of mine came over and thought the back of my wheelchair was ugly and she put a Christmas Santa hat on it and I said you’re brilliant.”

And with that, the idea was born for folks in wheelchairs.

“I said, what do you see?” Lorraine said to her friend. “She said, ‘a Santa hat on the back of your wheelchair’. I said, Exactly! You no longer see the wheelchair.”

Lorraine Woodward creates expressions of personality that open up a conversation between strangers.

“When I see someone with a pop topper that says Duke, I’m going to say way to go,” she said. “Or if they have a beat Duke, I’ll have another conversation with them. But all of a sudden now your bringing people together and reacting to a commonalities that they might not have known that they had and you’re breaking down these barriers and making new friends.”

Often the materials come from places like thrift shops, giving new life to something that is just…wierd.

“So an old t-shirt(that says “Let’s get wierd”) like this will turn into a topper? “It will,” she said, “that will be a cape. this will be awe’re going to be working on capelets and mermaid tails.”

Lorraine Woodward, your creativity is rolling out new conversations popping with personality. It’s part of what makes you, Extraordinary!

For more information on Lorraine’s POP Toppers, click her ETSY page, Facebook page, or email her at WheelchairPOPToppers@gmail.com.

Twitter handle: WheelchairPOPToppers@POP_Toppers
Instagram: wheelchairpoptoppers