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Rock Solomon escaped Hurricane Irma in a duct-taped bus (Photo: Basil John/WWAY News)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WWAY) — Irma left its mark on the United States as many people did what they could to escape the destruction.

One father escaped the storm conditions in Florida with his bus to make it to his daughter in Wilmington.

“Hurricane Irma, it’s this little thing that happened recently, little storm, you may have heard about it was barreling down on the Keys, which is exactly where I lived,” Rock Solomon said.

When Rock Solomon, single father and resident of Key West, learned Irma was headed straight for his home, he kicked it into high gear.

“The hurricane was coming and I realized kind of last minute that it was going to be wiped away and everything I worked on was going to be wiped away with it,” Solomon said.

Solomon was working on a project, a bus he made himself, for years.

When he heard about the storm, he made sure it would not go down.

“So I had this crazy idea: What if we just slap it together as fast as humanly possible and get out of her?,” Solomon asked.

He spent two days straight fixing it up so he could drive straight to Wilmington to see his daughter.

He made good progress, 900 miles out of his 1,000 mile journey.

However, he had to stop in South Carolina because of some unforeseen circumstances.

“It ran like top, perfectly, couldn’t believe it. And then after the emergency was over, everything started to kind of go down hill, and all the attention that you’re supposed to — all the attention to detail you’re supposed to have when you put something together that I didn’t have time for began to to kind of come back and haunt me,” Solomon said.

The engine gave out less than 100 miles away from Wilmington and he does not think it will run again, but he said all he’s looking forward to is returning to his baby girl and singing with her.

“Baby I love you, I’m going to be home soon and then I’m going to sing ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ to you,” Solomon said. “We’re going to sing it together, you and
me. That’s a promise.”

Solomon said if he cannot get his bus operational, he will hop on the next Greyhound, and will get to Wilmington on Thursday.


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