East Bladen overcomes 7 turnovers in victory


“Everybody is going to have a hard time keeping these dirty birds down.”

You’ve got that right. The Whiteville Wolfpack couldn’t keep those dirty birds down which makes East Bladen our 5th Quarter Team of the Week.

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In the battle for conference supremacy, both defensive units played strong but it was the Eagles defense that contained Jamario Norton and this offense by not allowing a single point offensively.

“Up front on the defensive line, we did really well getting penetration. Our defensive backs stepped up, they never played like that before. We all just came together as one.” East Bladen Defensive Tackle Caleb Strait said.

Offensively, things went a little different for East. The team did score 14 unanswered points in the second half to win the game. As a whole, however, the team turned the ball over seven times. When you look at the game on paper, Whiteville should’ve won. But the elite teams find a way to win.

“The fact that we have 16 seniors, I’m hoping that they have a selected memory and forget about it real quick,” East Bladen Head Coach Robbie Priest said. “I tell them all the time, keep looking out the windshield don’t worry about the rear-view mirror. Put it in the past, learn from it and move on.”

Now the Eagles take their undefeated season and put it on the line against the South Columbus Stallions. The team that ended their season last year.

“You’d like to win this one early. Last year they came in and beat us at the beginning and got us at the end in the third round.” Priest said.

“It was a bad feeling last year, we came up short,” East Bladen Quarterback Quinton Bedsole said. “This year we just have to stay focused and don’t let them get in our heads. Just play our game.”

Congratulations to East Bladen, our 5th Quarter Team of the Week!