Local National Weather Service office sends help to Florida


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Hurricane Irma left a path of devastation in Florida. The National Weather Service in Wilmington is sending someone down to help with forecast operations in the sunshine state.

One of their meteorologists will go down to help enable staff impacted by Irma to get them back on their feet.

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He is currently set for a one week deployment but it could change as the situation evolves.

Steve Pfaff, NWS warning coordinator meteorologist, says this is a way to help out others in their national weather service family.

“There could be times where we are significantly impacted in the future,” Pfaff said. “We would expect the same help from the surrounding offices and other regions of the national weather service. So it’s important for our family to get back on its feet so that they can continue to get back to work and focus on, you know, what’s important at home, right now.”

Pfaff says the meteorologist will help in the Miami area and they’ll have expanded coverage forecasts for Miami and Key West.