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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) — A New York-based law firm representing 12 students and a professor at North Carolina’s flagship public university is pressing the school to remove a Confederate soldier statue.

An attorney wrote Wednesday to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill officials contending the 1913 statue nicknamed “Silent Sam” violates federal anti-discrimination laws.

The warning comes from Hampton Dellinger, a Durham attorney with the firm of Boies, Schiller & Flexner on behalf of the students, the professor and the Black Law Students Association.

The school’s top attorney and campus spokesmen did not respond to questions seeking comment. Chancellor Carol Folt has said the school lacks the legal authority to act because of a 2015 state law that prevents removing or altering a public monument.


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  • Joseph Della Selva

    Who cares about it? Just take it down and continue to enjoy life……..Progressives can be a pain in the a** but all in all who cares about this issue? You actually knew and paid homage to that statue each and every week/day or month/year? It was standing there an no one paid any attention to it. NOW, means everything in the world to both sides……….people can we have some Peace?

    • Christopher Meyers

      Peace will not come to a bunch of patty-cake snowflakes that whine and complain about everything they want to associate “racism” to except for their MLK statues, their MLK highways and their stupid little rainbows. The next thing you know, they will require that all of the state’s Civil War forts and state parks be bulldozed and everything made of cotton must be forever burned.
      Joe, I care about it! This is part of history. These men proudly and bravely fought, died, lost entire families and were maimed forever over issues they believed in and fought for at the time, be them right or wrong by “today’s standards”. That sort of bravery and sacrifice is the very muscle that formed this country into what it is today! Like it or not, THAT is a pure and unadulterated FACT!
      Peace? Cow-towing to bunch of whiney-butts that don’t have a job, know nothing about history and have nothing better to do than “protest” and destroy fine art at the whim of their personal little battles over what they “think” is racism? That isn’t “peace” Joey, not by any means of the imagination! It’s pure ignorance and a valiant show of submission by the people that are supposed to be leading this great country. Both which are contrary to the very backbone of this country and desecration of the poor souls that have given their life to protect it in all of our wars! I’m ashamed of it all and ashamed of the abounding ignorance I’m witnessing displayed each and every day now!

      • Joseph Della Selva

        There’s nothing wrong with MLK statues or MLK highways. He was a great American who followed a path paved by Christ and met the same end.

      • Christopher Meyers

        As I stated, back in the days when the Civil War occurred, those soldiers were great men as well that displayed honor and bravery that is unseen today, hence the statues. MLK also had another side. He really, really enjoyed cheating on his wife for one and enjoyed dabbling in communism for another. Remember? Or did you happen to “forget” that portion (and others) of his “great, Christian” history?

      • Joseph Della Selva

        The Confederacy was about NOT being The United States of America. Hold it dear to your heart and you’re in league with ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. Think about it, if Confederate agents undercover in NYC back in 1863 or 1864 had successfully blown up the tallest building in that city, the Confederacy would have rejoiced at the ‘victory’ in loss of life up North. What difference is that to what happened to the World Trade Towers on September 11, 2001?

      • Christopher Meyers

        Joey, you could save yourself from a lot of pity and inaccurate postings if you would just open a few history books and study a bit! Your way off base again…
        Just research what Sherman did to Atlanta for example. Geeeeez? None of this has the slightest resemblance to ISIS or Al Qaeda. Is your foil hat AND your meds in conflict causing this delusion?

      • guest45

        that is why his records are sealed and we will never be viewed by us,

  • Bryan Leonard

    The school should counter-sue. Speaking of violating federal anti-discrimination laws, the student’s organization name alone is already discriminatory. Why can’t all ethnic groups in college just be one Law Student’s Association instead of having a “(insert race, ethnicity, gender) Law Students Association”?

  • cheese101

    What would the naacp, blm and all the other groups say if there was a group called the White Law Students Association?

  • guest45

    that’s what this was about all along, money and notoriety

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