WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Social media is wonderful, magical, monster.  Bad apples often get a spotlight, the stories get shared over and over, and it gives a false reality of life in general.  In reality, the bag is full of more good apples than bad ones.
Life is full of the good stuff too. Timothy Hutto is giving the good apples an undivided spotlight.
It makes him our Extraordinary Person of the Week.

There are hundreds of officers and deputies in the greater Wilmington area alone. They put their life on the line every day for you, me… “we”.

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“We wanted to be a community initiative,” Timothy Hutto said of his mission, “not an organizational initiative.”

Hutto just started a non-profit to showcase what we sometimes forget. “When you take something for granted,” Hutto said, “they are part of the back drop and that created the focus of Port City Heroes.”

Port City Heroes.  The non-profit launched in 2016 to promote the hard work of law enforcement from Brunswick to New Hanover to Pender county.

“Our Facebook page is a positive page that just highlights and spotlights the officers that have done an outstanding service and devoted service,” Hutto said.

Showing support and sharing stories of support is one element of this campaign.  The other element is to have community members sponsor upcoming events that benefit local law enforcement.

“(There are)no motives, no hooks,” Hutto said, “we’re just focusing on law enforcement from a community point of view that lets them know we support them.”

Hutto’s Port City Heroes campaign is a reminder that what we see on social media is the minority, not the majority.

“Usually on media,” he said,  “you get the video or sound clip of negative things.  But there’s bad apples in every group, and every organization from businesses to politics to church but you don’t throw it all away, you remove the bad apples and keep building a better team.”

You’re a good apple, Timothy Hutto. and that makes you, Extraordinary.

Check out the Port City Heroes facebook page by clicking here.

You can contact the non-profit by email or by phone at (910) 769-7929

Port City Heroes is hosting the 2nd Annual Officer Appreciation Banquet featuring Kris “Tanto” Paronto as the keynote speaker September 16th.