‘Extremely malnourished’ 5-year-old girl found locked in closet


RANDLEMAN, NC (WFMY) — Two were arrested after a 5-year-old girl was found locked in a closet badly burned and bruised Tuesday on the 200 block of Back Street in Randleman.

Randleman police were told about a child being psychically and mentally abused and arrived to the home with no cars in the driveway and no one appearing to be home. After calling the child’s name outside the home, she said she needed help and when asked if OK, said ‘no.’ Police broke into the home through a window on the front porch after knocking on the door with no response from inside the home.

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The girl was found inside a two foot-by-four foot closet under a stairway. The child had no food or water and appeared to be extremely malnourished with burns, scratches and bruises about her body.

33-year-old father Adam Joshua Byrd and 34-year-old Crystal Dawn Carnahan, deemed an acquaintance and child care taker by Randleman police, were arrested and charged with Felony Child Abuse. Both were placed in the Randolph County Jail under a $350,000 secure bond.

A daycare employee from a daycare where the girl stayed in the past was waiting when the girl was found. She was taken to the Randleman Police Department. No one was found in or around the home.

The child was turned over to DSS employees and the child was taken to Randolph Hospital and later transferred to Brenner Children’s Hospital. An investigation is ongoing.