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(Photo: WFMY)

HIGH POINT, N.C. (WFMY) — A woman who narrowly escaped being hit by a train in High Point turned herself in to police after leaving the accident scene.

High Point Police say Jeseace Quick, 25, of Kannapolis, met with investigators Thursday morning.

She’s been charged with No Operator’s License and was also given a citation for a railroad crossing violation.

Investigators say Quick left her vehicle on the train tracks at a railroad crossing on Pendleton Street and East Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard Tuesday.  Video shows the driver stopped at the tracks with the railroad crossing arms down. She gets out of the vehicle and runs from the car before an oncoming Amtrack train strikes it.

Traffic Officer A. Goins said, “We certainly understand the driver getting out of the vehicle and moving to safety and we are glad they were able to do so but anytime you are involved in an accident it’s always best to remain at the scene and speak with officers.”

Police said according to state law, any accident involving a vehicle where the property damage exceeds $1,000 or there is personal injury it is a reportable collision requiring the driver to remain at the scene or make notification to law enforcement in a timely manner.


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  • Little Birdie

    The junk crossing exit gate failed trapping the vehicle and the driver caught in the trap suddenly becomes jack the ripper in the medias eyes. Maybe she soiled herself. The media get big bucks from the railroad to miss the right story like the FRIckiNG JUNK GATES failed to WORK PER LAW??

    • disqus_Hnfj6m1un0

      Well we’re on the subject of law it is illegal to stop on train tracks, She had plenty of time to make it before the gates finish coming down

    • Christopher Meyers

      The video shows there were actually TWO Einsteins at the wheel. Both cars entered past the gates and were stuck between them on the tracks. One had at least enough sense to back up! The very best, most perfectly functioning gates designed can’t overcome pure stupidity!

    • jbl

      No, Pines there are no junk signals here there’s just junk people trying to beat a train. Now, pines are you still in jail because of your felony charge about tampering with a witness ? Please, take the ankle bracelet off your neck it’s choking you out .

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