Fair Bluff could annex property for new apartment complex


FAIR BLUFF, NC (WWAY) — Nearly a year ago, the floodwaters came to the town of Fair Bluff.

Hurricane Matthew’s torrential downpours left the small community under water, and they’re still recovering.

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“We’re slowly but surely coming back and it’s gonna take some time and people is being very patient on the process of recovering,” said mayor Billy Hammond.

Now that the waters have receded, Fair Bluff has to make some hard decisions on how they’re going to develop in the future.

They’re targeting areas that are less prone to flooding, like one piece of property four tenths of a mile from the city limits.

That property is earmarked for an apartment complex, which will be owned by the Lumber River Council Of Governments.

The LRCOG received $5 million from the North Carolina General Assembly last summer for the development, but nothing can happen until that piece of property is part of the town of Fair Bluff.

“We’re in the process now, we done had one hearing on satellite annexation on the property where they want to put the apartments because the property has to be in the city limits and the property owner wants to do a voluntary annex on the property,” said Hammond.

It’s a move the mayor thinks is best for the community to protect from future disasters.

Two more meeting need to happen before the annexation will become official. Those will be held in October and November.