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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – The issues of rights for those in the LGBTQ community are a constant conversation in the state since HB 2.
Tonight students at UNC Wilmington heard from a well known activist for that community.

The conversation tonight centered around issues for immigrants and those who are coming to this country that identify as a part of the LGBTQ community.

Jennicet Gutierrez made headlines when she interrupted former President Barack Obama during a speech about LGBT people in ICE detention centers.

She was on UNCW’s campus to speak to the feminist student alliance.

Her speech surrounded her work in immigration rights and the difficulties those in the trans community face coming to this country in the current political climate.

“To encourage one member who was in attendance or was here that would want to take action not necessarily on LGTBQ immigration but whatever issue they are passionate about and they want to see change,”says Gutierrez.

The lecture was also sponsored by the school’s Women’s Resource Center and the Hispanic Latino Center.

Dozens filled the theater to to hear from Gutierrez and said they came to learn more about her movement.

The Trans Queer Liberation Movement highlights the struggles undocumented trans women face in immigration detention centers and how these issues are connected to the broader fight for social justice. Gutierrez hopes this visit will spark change in our state and make more people aware of the issues they face.


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  • Christopher Meyers

    If you have entered this country legally and have been naturalized or are in the process of becoming an American citizen, go for that “change” you need and want so badly! If you have entered this country illegally and steal from our tax base, our social security base and our healthcare base, you have no rights to make “change”, cannot request “change” and should go back home and enter America legally. It has NOTHING to do with being LGBT, a “trans queer liberator” or whatever you want to label yourselves. What is it about people that come to this country illegally, that have paid nothing into the taxation, social security and our healthcare system believe they can force “change” in the manner of which this country operates? Absolutely incredibly absurd!

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