NC Sorosis members are WARMing up a home in need of repairs


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Cape Fear is full of folks who just want to help out.  Volunteers are back at it this week helping a homeowner with some much needed repairs.

The NC Sorosis Club has teamed up with WARM, or Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministry, to fix the inside and outside of a home on 13th street in dire need of work.

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“We’re repairing their bathrooms, putting in new commodes, sink, flooring, the kitchen, we’re putting in new cabinet tops and sink,” Libby Covil of the NC Sorosis club said. “We’ve done a lot of the landscaping. If you look around, you’ll see and we’re painting the entire house.”

Covil says it is one of the more rewarding projects they’ve done yet.

WARM’s executive director agrees.  “They’re helping a female homeowner whose husband had a series of strokes and is unable to physically make repairs for the family,” JC Lyle said. “So we’re really privileged to help them stay in their home.”

Lyle says that about 70 percent of the homeowners WARM helps have women as the head of household and that women organizations like NC Sorosis appreciate helping other women out.

They’ll be at the home through Friday.   Earlier this year, nearly 300 teenagers came to the area from all over the country to help in what was one of the largest missions of its kind to date for the non-profit.